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Midwives are experts in normal childbearing and focus on promoting the natural progression of labor and delivery.  During labor we look after the mother and baby's health and provide individualized support in a warm and positive environment.  We support and guide the mother through childbirth to help each woman achieve her goals for the birth within the realm of safety.

We have referenced "Gentle Birth" on our website.  What does this mean?  Gentle birth is more than a gentle touch.  It is an approach to birth that focuses on the woman's experience and her unique needs.  In Gentle Birth Choices, author Barbara Harper, RN states "A gentle birth respects the mother's pivotal role, acknowledging that she knows how to birth her child in her own time and in her own way, trusting her instincts and intuition..."  "The experience empowers the birthing woman, welcomes the newborn child into a peaceful and loving environment, and bonds the family.  The goal of a gentle birth is to reclaim the wonder and joy that are inherent in the beginning of a new life."

The elements that contribute to this type of birth experience are part of our approach to all women in labor with respect to each woman's individual needs and preferences.  These include:  preparation for the birth experience, a reassuring environment, freedom to move, quiet environment, low lighting, delayed cord clamping, placing the baby on mother's abdomen, breastfeeding, and time for bonding.

We encourage the use of non-interventive therapies during labor such as walking, rocking, other positional variations, water therapy, relaxation, massage, music.  We believe in avoiding routine interventions, but if an intervention is indicated we will discuss the issues with you so you have a full understanding and participate in the decision making.

This is your birth experience.  Our job is to ensure that you and baby are safe and support you through your unique birth.